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A Green and Healthy Sustainable Future

As a common proposition for all mankind, our wide-bandwidth semiconductor technology will help realize an ideal society with low carbon and high efficiency.

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How to realize "five minutes of charging, 500 kilometers of range"?

Silicon carbide power devices can significantly reduce power conversion losses and improve inverter efficiency, while allowing equipment power density to increase by more than 50%.

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What supports the operation of a year-round data exchange?

Uninterruptible power supply systems dissipate heat better and operate safer with the help of wide-bandwidth semiconductor technology.

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SiC Whole Industry Chain Vertical Integration Manufacturing Platform

Sanan Semiconductor

Sanan Semiconductor has a complete product portfolio of Silicon Carbide diodes with different voltage and current platforms such as 650V/1A-50A, 1200V/1A-60A, and 1700V, with a cumulative shipment of 200 million units. Now in its fifth generation, these products have lower forward voltage drop and better heat dissipation capability, providing customers with higher power density and longer-term reliability in their system designs.

Relying on the vertically integrated silicon carbide industry chain, Sanan Semiconductor introduces silicon carbide MOSFET power devices for renewable energy conversion systems, helping customers achieve higher power density, smaller module size and lighter system weight.

Sanan Semiconductor's technologies narrow the space and time distance of people, and also inspire the responsiveness and creativeness of people. We are working together with the industry's top engineers, manufacturing experts and dreamers to make the world a better place with our compound semiconductor technologies.

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Quality Policy

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ESH Policy

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Green production by continuous reduction

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