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DC / DC Converter and OBC

Include power supply and charge of vehicle-mounted electric equipment, voltage boosting and reducing of battery bus and equalization in battery pack.



DC/DC Converter

The different systems of electric vehicles are powered by different voltages - propulsion, HVAC, window lifts, interior and exterior lighting, infotainment and seat belt sensors are just part of a long list. The on-board DC / DC unit must convert and distribute correct voltage to each system in a real-time manner, so that all systems can be integrated into one master system. Compared with any other silicon-based solution, Silicon Carbide devices ensure that the process can be faster, more reliable and more efficient.

On-Board Charger

On-board battery chargers are the key to keeping electric vehicles powered - they take alternating current from owner's home and convert it to direct current to charge the battery. They also usually can collect kinetic energy from vehicle itself to provide additional charge when braking. But traditional silicon has limited these systems in terms of output, size and speed.


Silicon Carbide Empowers A New Generation Of On-Board Power Systems

In high-power application scenarios such as on-board charging system, traditional silicon-based power devices have shown their limitations. Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide power devices have superior high-voltage and high-current working capability, which enables them to cope with more challenging power supply applications.

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