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Accelerating Expansion into Overseas Markets! Sanan Semiconductor at NEPCON JAPAN Japan International Electronics Exhibition

From January 24th to 26th, the 38th Japan International Electronics Exhibition NEPCON JAPAN 2024 was held at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center. Sanan Semiconductor showcased its 8-inch silicon carbide ingots, substrates, epitaxy, automotive-grade silicon carbide diodes, MOSFET products, and multi-scenario application solutions at this leading Asian electronics R&D and manufacturing exhibition, discussing key cooperation opportunities with global customers.

NEPCON JAPAN is a comprehensive exhibition representing the "Asian electronics industry" and is highly regarded in the industry as an excellent place to understand the latest technologies of the "future electronics industry." The exhibition attracted 1,650 exhibitors from 24 countries around the world and 85,000 professional visitors. During the exhibition, Sanan Semiconductor attracted the attention and appreciation of many industry elites with its self-developed and comprehensive product display. The marketing and technical team of Sanan Semiconductor received the guests, providing detailed answers and in-depth exchanges on the company's self-developed products, further expanding Sanan Semiconductor's customer resources in the global power electronic power semiconductor field and enhancing the company's visibility.

Sanan Semiconductor's silicon carbide series products are mainly aimed at industrial and automotive applications. Currently, SiC SBD has launched G3/G4/G5 series products, with performance comparable to international first-tier companies, and has been widely used in high-reliability fields such as photovoltaic inverters, charging piles, power supplies, and new energy vehicles, with cumulative shipments exceeding 200 million pieces. In terms of SiC MOSFET, a 1200V 16mΩ automotive-grade product aimed at the main drive of new energy vehicles has been launched and is currently undergoing module verification with several strategic customers. At the same time, a 1700V 1Ω and a 1200V 32mΩ/75mΩ SiC MOSFET for photovoltaics have been launched and have been batch-introduced to key customers.

In the future, Sanan Semiconductor will continue to focus on customers, focus on customer needs, promote product iteration with technological innovation, empower sustainable development with product iteration, comprehensively improve production and manufacturing capabilities, and continue to provide high-quality products and solutions to global customers, further expanding the overseas market and contributing to Chinese enterprises going global!

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