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High-Power Household Appliances



Power Modules For High-Power Household Appliances Such As Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, And Washing Machines

Today's household appliances need to meet further demands: smarter, smaller, more powerful, and less energy consumption. If appliances have better performance in terms of operating speed and noise suppression, they will be favored by consumers.

With the evolution of communication network and demand for intelligence, household appliances are gradually joining home automation network, and family members can remotely control and monitor the status of household appliances.

More powerful and energy-saving compound semiconductor solutions must be adopted for household appliances integrated multiple functions and requirements. These requirements can only be satisified by using Silicon Carbide power devices.

Silicon Carbide power device solutions are characterized by high integration and power, which can shorten the time of introducing new products and iteration in Sanan IC's vertical industrial chain. Sanan IC’s large-scale manufacturing platform can also offer excellent cost efficiency and support new features in the design of emerging smart household appliances.


Use Silicon Carbide In Energy Conversion For Cleaner And More Reliable Energy

In energy applications, the reliability and conversion efficiency of power devices are critical. Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide power devices can provide customers with support in the following aspects:

Up to


Higher PFC Efficiency

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