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Social Responsibility Management

Social Responsibility Management

Social Responsibility Management

 Hunan Sanan semiconductor Co., Ltd 

 Social Responsibility Policy 


 The Company respects and adheres to all commitments specified in SA8000:2014, and complies with national laws, international agreements and various regulations signed with the Company.  The company is willing to shoulder social responsibility, always stick to it, if there is a breach of social responsibility, continuous improvement, and through the appropriate channels, to the public. 

 The Company undertakes that: 

 1.  To comply fully with the requirements of government legislation. 

 2.  Meet the standard requirements of the Customer and Maintain Code of Business Conduct. 

 3.  Constantly improve the implementation and commitment of social responsibility. 

 4.  Respect the contents specified in SA8000:2014 Social Responsibility Management System Standard, and the main contents are as follows: 

 a. The Company shall not employ or support the employment of child/prison labour. 

 b. The Company may not employ or support the employment of forced labor, nor may it require employees to pay (a deposit) or keep their identity cards with the Company at the time of employment. 

 c. The company provides a healthy and safe working environment for employees. 

 d. The Company respects the right of all employees to form and join trade unions freely, and to bargain collectively. 

 e. The Company prohibits engaging in or supporting any act of discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. 

 f. The Company shall not engage in or support physical punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse. 

 g. The Company complies with applicable laws and industry standards regarding working hours. 

 h. The company guarantees that it pays at least the minimum wage required by law or industry. 

 i. The Company undertakes to continuously improve its systems in accordance with the requirements of SA8000:2014. 

 5.  Establish an effective social responsibility management system, document the system, and display and disclose it when necessary. 

 6.  Implement, maintain and communicate the social responsibility policy, and to all levels, all levels of communication, to ensure that employees understand and can read at any time.  The Company will disclose its social responsibility policy to relevant stakeholders in the most effective and convenient form and method. 

 7.  Record the operation status of social responsibility management system, and carry out statistics and analysis. 

 8.  Management reviews are conducted on a regular basis and corrective and preventive actions are taken in a timely manner. 

 9.  Ongoing collaboration with suppliers to promote compliance with SA8000:2014. 


 General manager 

 If you need to contact BV or SAAS for questions about the SA8000, please call: BV Guangzhou Office: 020-83073820 

 BV Contact 

 +91 22 61201636 

 +91 22 61201600 Ext:1636 

 Email: prakash.suryavanshi@ in.bureauveritas.com 

 SAAS Contacts 

 Tel: +1-(212)-391-2106 

 Fax: +1-(212)-684-1515 

 Email: saas@saasaccreditation.org 

 Address: 15 West 44th street, 6th Floor, New York, NY10036 

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