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Energy Storage System



Including grid-connected energy storage, user energy storage, and base-station energy storage.

Today's energy storage systems are required to handle unusually high levels of current and maintain a high degree of reliability and stability. If necessary, they also need to release the stored energy quickly and accurately. This requires high-quality Wide Band Gap power semiconductors. Sanan Semiconductor, a member of JEDEC JD-70, participates in the formulation of industry standards for Wide Band Gap power semiconductors. Compared with traditional silicon devices, Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide MOSFETs and diodes have higher performance and lower losses while allowing energy system engineers to design lighter systems, reducing overall system size and cost.


Use Silicon Carbide In Energy Conversion For Cleaner And More Reliable Energy

In energy applications, the reliability and conversion efficiency of power devices are critical. Sanan IC Silicon Carbide power devices can provide customers with support in the following aspects:

Up to


Lower Losses

Up to


Smaller Size

Up to


Lower System Cost

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