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Hunan Sanan Launches China's First Vertically Integrated SiC Production Line


On June 23, Hunan Sanan Semiconductor, located in Changsha High-tech Industrial Park, held its official inauguration to commence its production.

Hunan Sanan Semiconductor has a total investment of 16B RMB constructred over a land area of about 667k m2. Since its groundbreaking in July 2020, it has only taken less than a year to build this modern manufacturing facility for the entire silicon carbide compound semiconductor supply chain from crystal growth to power devices, packaging, and testing. A Mega Fab with a monthly output of 30,000 6-inch silicon carbide wafers is now complete and and is ready for production.

At the inaugural ceremony, Simon Lin, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., said in his speech that Hunan Sanan Semiconductor’s business covers substrate materials, epitaxial growth, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. It is the first in China and third in the worldwide industry as a vertically integrated silicon carbide chain, providing customers with high-quality and on-time delivery, while sharing the advantages of large-scale production costs.

Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Hunan Province, congratulated Hunan Sanan Semiconductor on their official start of production. The completion and commissioning of Hunan Sanan Semiconductor will bring strong energy into Changsha, which will further accelerate the integration of Changsha's integrated circuit (IC) and electronic information industries. It is reported that Hunan Sanan Semiconductor is expected to achieve an annual sales of 12B RMB, an annual tax contribution of 1.7BRMB, provide thousands of jobs, and bring up nearly 10,000 job opportunities in adjacent industries and communities.

Based in Central China, serving the world, accelerating the popularization of wide-bandgap semiconductors in the power conversion field

The third-generation semiconductor materials have superior electrical properties and can meet the new requirements of power electronics technologies for high temperature, high power, high voltage, and high frequency operation. Through large-scale production and its own silicon carbide material patent portfolio, Hunan Sanan Semiconductor serves a broad range of end markets such as in communications, server power supplies, photovoltaics, electric vehicle (EV) main traction inverters, on-board chargers (OBC), charge piles, smart grids, rail transit and other fields, and is able to realize the widely adopted and popoular wide bandgap semiconductor devices.

An R&D and manufacturing service platform company built to support the development of high-tech industries in Hunan

Hunan Sanan Semiconductor is China’s first vertically integrated silicon carbide manufacturing supply chain. The company provides flexible and diverse production capablities from wafer substrates, epitaxy, fabriction, bare die to discrete devices, which is contributing to the growth of an industrial area centered around the Changsha High-Tech Park. The wide band-gap semiconductor industry will accelerate the development and verification by IC design companies while reducing design iterations and shortening manufacturing cycle times of end products, thus promoting the promise and benefits of  the technology.

Use of material innovation to promote technological change and help achieve the 2060 carbon neutral vision

On the road to carbon neutrality, people need more efficiently produced clean energy. With its excellent electrical performance characteristics, third-generation semiconductor materials help power conversion systems achieve excellent power density with improved system efficiencies playing a vital role in key emerging markets such as  electric / hybrid vehicles (EV/HEV), energy storage and charging systems. As part of its sustainable long-term development strategy, the company will continue to invest in expanding capacity, to commit to research and development of compound semiconductor materials and integrated circuits (ICs), and to build a competitive semiconductor manufacturing and service platform to serve the worldwide market.

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