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Sanan Semiconductor Attends PCIM Europe 2023 with All Series Silicon Carbide Products

 From May 9 to 11, PCIM Europe 2023, the world's largest power semiconductor exhibition, opened in Nuremberg, Germany.  As a leading power semiconductor supplier in the industry, Sanan Semiconductor presented its silicon carbide products in PCIM Europe, demonstrating efficient and reliable technical level in an all-round way and providing more solutions for the transformation and efficient utilization of clean energy. 

 PCIM Europe is the leading international platform to showcase current products, topics and trends in power electronics and applications.  This exhibition gathered many well-known enterprises in the world, and Sanan Semiconductor's R & D, marketing and sales teams at home and abroad participated in this industry event. 

 At this event, Sanan Semiconductor exhibited products including silicon carbide crystal anchor, substrate, epitaxy, silicon carbide Schottky diode, silicon carbide MOSFET, silicon carbide power device, etc., which won the visit and attention of many customers and industry personages at home and abroad.  At the same time, Sanan Semiconductor aims to enable customers to achieve the best efficiency in specific applications, focusing on new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, communication base stations, data centers, industrial automation, household appliances, consumer electronics and other sub-fields as well as more related cross-applications. The exhibits and solutions covered by each sector have been recognized and praised by industry insiders and experts at home and abroad. 


 6 inch silicon carbide substrate epitaxy 

 In terms of crystal growth technology, Sanan Semiconductor adopts 6/8 inch compatible size single crystal growth platform and relies on independent PVT process controlled by precise thermal field to realize lower cost and lower defect density. 

 Silicon carbide substrate technology is a link with high technical threshold and great process difficulty in the current industrial chain. Sanan Semiconductor has high efficiency and low loss cutting technology, precise control and high flatness grinding technology, as well as high surface quality and low defect polishing and cleaning technology. Based on this, the quality and yield of 6-inch silicon carbide substrate are gradually improving. 

 In the epitaxial process, the uniformity of defect density and doping concentration is the main technical difficulty, which is closely related to reliability and cost.  Sanan Semiconductor adopts 650V-1700V wide voltage range epitaxial platform and leading multi-layer epitaxial technology to achieve low defect density, high consistency and high reliability, and good cost control. 

 Silicon carbide power chips and devices 

 In terms of power chips, the diodes and MOS chips exhibited this time have passed the vehicle regulation certification. Based on better Vth control technology and thinned wafer platform, the products have high current density and high surge capability, as well as extremely low loss and low parasitic parameters. 

 In terms of devices, Sanan Semiconductor exhibited 650V/1200V full product series of silicon carbide power diodes and MOS devices, which have passed AEC-Q101 certification. They are characterized by high performance, high consistency and high reliability, and can provide a variety of flexible process solutions according to customized requirements. 

 As the third vertically integrated manufacturing platform of silicon carbide in the world and the first vertically integrated manufacturing platform of silicon carbide in China, Sanan Semiconductor provides manufacturing services of the whole industry chain from crystal growth, substrate preparation, epitaxial growth, chip process to packaging and testing, which can realize all-round control over product iteration, quality, delivery and cost.  At the same time, through large-scale manufacturing, the penetration rate of silicon carbide technology in end applications is accelerated. 

 At the beginning of its establishment, Sanan Semiconductor began its global layout, with sales offices, manufacturing bases and product R & D centers in more than 10 countries and regions, providing strong technical support and customer service for customers and agents in China, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and South Korea, ensuring the safety and stability of the supply chain and playing an active role in promoting the healthy development of the industry. 

 Sanan Semiconductor has gained the support of many international customers and opened up a new situation for the company to explore overseas markets.  In the future, Sanan Semiconductor will adhere to high-value products and services, continuously benefit the interests of global customers, enable sustainable development, and promote the realization of low-carbon, environmental protection and other trends. 

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