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Charging Pile

From 7KW AC charging pile to high voltage DC fast charging pile.



From 7kW AC to High-voltage DC Fast Charging Pile

The external charger converts input external alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) power mode required by the EV ecosystem and stores it in the battery. Drivers who are accustomed to filling up gas tank in five minutes are not keen to wait hours for their vehicles to be on the road again. The excellent switching speed empowered by Silicon Carbide is the core of a series of new fast chargers that have emerged in laboratories worldwide.


Silicon Carbide Empowers A New Generation Of On-Board Power Systems

In high-power application scenarios such as on-board charging system, traditional silicon-based power devices have shown their limitations. Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide power devices have superior high-voltage and high-current working capability, which enables them to cope with more challenging power supply applications.

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