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Photovoltaic Inverter

Covers centralized, string, and micro-inverters.



Including Centralized, String, and Micro Inverters

The energy radiation of the sun when it illuminates the earth for one hour exceeds the energy consumption of the entire earth for a whole year. How to convert such a huge and clean energy source into a resource that can be utilized by human society is an important proposition that many energy conversion system designers think about.

What can be foreseen is that under the goal of "Carbon Neutral", the civilian and commercial users of solar energy will grow rapidly in the future of sustainable development. The control of clean energy requires more sophisticated technology and higher reliability. Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide power devices are manufactured for the needs.


Use Silicon Carbide In Power Conversion For Cleaner and More Reliable Energy

In energy applications, the reliability and conversion efficiency of power devices are critical. Sanan Semiconductor's Silicon Carbide power devices can offer support for customers in the following aspects:

Up to


Lower Losses

Up to


Smaller Size

Up to


Lower System Cost

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