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Environment, Safety and Health

ESH Introduction

ESH Policy

Sanan Semiconductor is a company with large-scale R & D and production of compound semiconductor chips in China. It adheres to the business philosophy of comprehensive safety, hygiene and environmental protection management, provides and continuously improves a safe and healthy working environment for employees, and regards environmental protection, green production, prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility as important aspects of the company's operation and management.  We hope that through the implementation of the environmental safety and health management system, we can maintain communication channels with employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, the public and other stakeholders to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable business. 

The company's commitment to the environment: 

  1. comply with the applicable national and local existing relevant environmental laws and regulations.

  2. Implement pollution prevention from the procurement of materials, equipment and materials, product production and service to prevent and reduce the generation and emission of various pollutants.

  3. Strengthen pollution prevention and control, improve environmental facilities, and strive to achieve comprehensive compliance with pollutant treatment and reduce emissions.

  4. Improve the environmental awareness of all employees, care for the environment, focus on publicizing environmental policies and objectives, and strengthen environmental behavior of all employees.

  5. Continuously improve the process, improve equipment, save resources and energy, promote clean production, carry out comprehensive utilization of three wastes, and continuously improve environmental management.

  6. Regularly evaluate the company's environmental performance to continuously improve the company's environmental management. 

The Company's commitment to occupational health and safety: 

People-oriented is the core of the sustainable development of enterprises, starting from the needs and safety of employees, to create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, establish safe operation methods, ensure effective safety training, develop safety responsibility system, and guide employees to care about safety, in order to maximize production efficiency. 

Strictly abide by the national laws and regulations, safety management standards and technical specifications on occupational health and safety, and fulfill the commitments made to the national competent authorities and the society;Through the improvement of management level, the employees 'awareness of safety production is improved, the behavior of the enterprise is standardized, and the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance is realized to protect the sustainable development of the enterprise. 

ESH Management System

In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, our company was established in 2014 and is committed to improving environmental protection, employee safety and health promotion;In July 2020, the Company passed the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications of Bureau Veritas, and merged these two systems into the Company's internal environmental safety and health management system to promote the Company's internal environmental management and occupational safety and health related management activities. 

The operation of the company's environmental safety and health management system shall follow the environmental safety and health policy issued by the general manager and plan the environmental safety and health management work according to the latest organizational structure, in which the deputy general manager acts as the environmental safety and health management representative, responsible for reviewing and promoting the environmental safety and health management operation matters;According to the environmental safety and health policy, the environmental safety department develops the specific and feasible work objectives according to the risk assessment results of each department and urges each department to implement them, and then regularly tracks the progress;Through internal environmental safety and health audit, the overall system operation and implementation status shall be checked and corrected, and the audit results and system implementation results shall be submitted to the environmental safety and health management representative and the safety committee for review, joint review and correction, so as to achieve the goal of continuous improvement. 

Environment Protection

During the construction process of the Company, the Company's internal environmental protection management also closely followed the pace of national environmental protection policies, and built pollutant treatment facilities such as sewage stations and waste gas treatment facilities, actively fulfilling the environmental protection responsibilities of the Company.  Led by the General Manager of the Company, the Environmental Safety Department shall be responsible for the implementation of the "Three Simultaneities of Environmental Protection" system, supervise the normal operation and up-to-standard discharge of environmental protection facilities, be responsible for the whole-process management of hazardous wastes, and promote the daily operation of the environmental management system;The Water Gasification Treatment Department and the Air Conditioning and Power Department are responsible for the daily operation, test records, maintenance and repair of environmental protection facilities such as wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment, and cooperate with the environmental protection department to participate in the completion acceptance, supervision and monitoring of the environmental protection facilities of the enterprise.  In the process of enterprise operation, optimize various means to measure consumption and save resources, actively promote clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling, and strive to be an environment-friendly enterprise. 


Safety Culture

Employees are the assets of the company and the source of the company's growth.  "Zero work-related injuries" is the ultimate goal of factory safety. In order to create a safe working environment, our company is committed to achieving the goal of zero work-related injuries and zero accidents, establishing a series of internal management systems, configuring necessary safety protection facilities, and distributing labor protection articles and posting hazard warning signs at high-risk stations.  In order to strengthen the safety awareness of employees and establish a safety culture, the Environmental Safety Department has introduced three-level safety education and training and special operation outsourcing training, regularly organized emergency drills for safety plans, and held colorful safety month activities, hoping to arouse everyone's attention to safety, turn passivity into initiative, improve their high vigilance on themselves, the environment, machines, products and construction, and strengthen the emphasis on factory safety through independent management.  In the future, we will continue to implement safety management, introduce environmental safety and health expertise, and achieve the goal of establishing a safety culture! 


Employee Health Care

Employees are proud of the enterprise, and the enterprise is employee-oriented;A high-speed development of the enterprise can not be separated from the efforts of employees, employees are the foundation, but also the company's most valuable asset. 

Based on the concept that employees are important assets of the company, taking care of the health of colleagues as the starting point, we provide complete employee health check-ups every year in accordance with the standards stipulated by the law, and track all kinds of health abnormalities throughout the process, in order to achieve the goal of "early detection and early treatment" and achieve the goal of "work and health win-win", thereby strengthening the overall competitiveness of the company! 


ESH Information


In order to minimize the adverse impact of environmental emergencies on the environment, our company completed the preparation of the emergency plan for environmental emergencies at the current stage on January 20, 2020, and filed it with Tongan Ecological Environment Bureau. 

Filing No.: 350212-2020-002-M 

Risk Level: Major 

Please read the following link for details of the plan: 



Other Report

Self-monitoring of environmental factors 

In order to ensure that the pollutants discharged by the enterprise meet the standard requirements, our company entrusts qualified units to monitor the pollutant discharge, and formulates a self-monitoring plan to report to the Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau for filing, with the filing number of 0902133948. 

For more information on the monitoring protocol, please read the following link: 



ESH Event

Hazardous Waste Leakage Rehearsal

In order to test the emergency response level of the enterprise, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tongan District, after evaluation by several companies, finally believes that our company has sufficient emergency equipment, ERT organization is perfect and has a high emergency response level, so it decides to carry out emergency response joint drill with our company, and hopes to exercise the ability of the enterprise to timely and properly handle emergencies through this drill, eliminate the environmental emergencies in the bud, and avoid causing damage to the enterprise personnel and surrounding residents and causing environmental pollution. 

Since the joint drill was determined, our company actively carried out the preparation work, closely contacted and communicated with the sub-bureau personnel on the drill matters, arranged the site and prepared materials. In order to achieve the expected drill effect, we rehearsed in the factory for many times under the organization of the colleagues of environmental safety and the support of the leaders and colleagues, and everything was carried out in an orderly manner. 

 [Exercise time]: 2016/11/23 16:00~16:30 

 [Exercise content]: IPA leakage + enterprise self-rescue + environmental protection bureau rescue 








This exercise was strongly supported by Tongan District Government, and the Propaganda Department of Tongan District Government came to the joint exercise site to observe during the exercise. During the whole exercise, our company performed well, with compact process, skilled division of labor and cooperation, and won unanimous praise.  In response to this exercise, the Propaganda Department of the district government also issued a press release on the Tongan government website, saying that our emergency response level for environmental emergencies is leading in the province. 




Ammonia Leakage Rehearsal

In order to evaluate whether the emergency management system of the special gas room of the Company is perfect, whether the disposal procedures are scientific and whether the responsibilities are clear, further improve the coordination mechanism between departments, improve the self-protection and emergency rescue capabilities of employees, and improve the emergency disposal level of the Company for the failure of the special gas room, Huan 'an wrote the exercise plan and exercise script, and organized and carried out the ammonia leakage exercise of the special gas room. In order to make the drill plan more realistic to reflect the disaster situation, Huanan has discussed the emergency content with the host of the plant special gas system for many times, confirmed the drill plan, and strived for the authenticity and effectiveness of the plan.  In order to make colleagues understand the drill process and purpose, Huan An held a drill explanation meeting and organized the factory ERT members to carry out training. 




It is hoped that through this drill, the company colleagues can better understand the emergency response mode, be familiar with the wearing and use of emergency equipment, use appropriate communication tools, improve self-protection and emergency rescue ability, improve the emergency disposal level of special gas room failure, and ensure safe production. 

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